William Krisel

The Sandpiper Condominiums were built between 1958 and 1969 in Palm Desert, CA and designed by famed architect, William Krisel.  This mid-century development consists of 306 units built over 49 acres and contains 18 “circles” with 9 separate homeowners associations.  Each of these “circles” are designed with units centered around a common swimming pool area with each unit designed so as not to provide views directly into an adjacent unit and containing a blend of public and private space.  Units range in size from just under 1,000 square feet to approximately 3,000 square feet, and feature various architectural elements such as decorative concrete block, shadow block and breezeblocks (in a variety of textures and patterns), clerestory windows, expansive amounts of glass, eave details, and flat roofs.

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Palmer & Krisel

Sandpiper is considered to be one of William Krisel’s architectural masterpieces.  While the development represents multiple styles of units and phases of construction, people often refer to it in the singular as “Sandpiper”.  The architectural firm of Palmer & Krisel was hired to design the initial phase (Circle 1) of Sandpiper Condominiums and construction was completed in 1958. Palmer & Krisel are directly responsible for the designs of Circles 1-14 (with characteristics and motifs from their original designs carried over into the remaining circles).

Circles 1 thru 4 are triplexes (the later sandpipers are duplexes).  As one goes thru the various circles in sequence you can see how over time, the architect and builders responded to the changing needs of homeowners as well as the availability of building materials at the time as well as producing a modern product suited for life in the desert.